I’ve spent over two years as a client of Functional Fitness. I came in because my husband gave me a gift of some personal training sessions, but I’ve gotten much more than expected. I received a personal evaluation of my fitness, and we talked about my primary goals, which were to lose weight and be physically active on a regular basis. As it turned out, as a working mother of two, I needed an appointment with someone other than myself to get me active. I had little experience with weight training, none with balance and flexibility work. I love being able to come in, turn my brain off, and focus on the work! I also love being instructed and challenged and feeling confident that I’m doing things the right way.  
         I’ve lost weight, and I’m running several times a week. When some small injuries or aches and pains have accompanied my running efforts, I have knowledgeable resources to advise me. When I injured my hip, if I hadn’t been training with Kevin, I would likely have stopped exercising, but he has been able to adjust my workout and keep me moving and gaining strength. I feel stronger and more fit than I ever have. My knees don’t hurt anymore, ever. The most unexpected benefit (although I’m familiar with the research, I didn’t truly understand this) – my stress level has dropped dramatically. I feel equipped to handle challenges, and energized. I’ve also developed real muscles. My kids are always asking me to flex my biceps now, and that is truly cool. 

Amy B, member since Spring 2007

I was a 60 year old with a fitness program that consisted of some walking and biking.  I needed a program to supplement this minimum of activity so I looked into the Functional Fitness Program.  Functional Fitness professional trainers got me motivated with a program that is correct for my needs and overall physical health.  The one on one trainer to client program has toned my muscles, increased my stability and coordination and helped my joint mobility.  My program consists of a variety of activities with gradual increases in weight and range of motion.  The environment is friendly and motivating with subdued background music and quiet surroundings.  The workouts are fun and I look forward to my appointments.        

Joyce C, member since Spring 2005