Foods to Jump Start Your Day

February 10, 2010
Here is the answer to forgetting your coffee in the morning.  Yes, this is a short list of 8 foods that will help jump start your day, and they don't revolve around high levels of caffeine.  They are simple foods too, so don't be bashful, make sure you go to the link and check out this quick and easy read.

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To Stretch or Not?

February 9, 2010
We all have our own opinions on stretching prior to exercise and here is an article that can give us the actual answers.  This article looks at the medical implications of stretching before exercise and the effects that it can have on performance.  Please don't be offended by the article but do take it to heart and practice.

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Getting Motivated

February 5, 2010
From the American Diabetes Association comes some helpful hints on how to get motivated for exercise.  We all have those days or weeks where we just don't feel like it.  After reading this you will be equipped with tactics to prevent those days from turning into workout killers.

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Happy Weekend & Stay Dry
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Olympic Nutrition

February 4, 2010
Have you ever wondered what goes into an olympians nutrtion regimine?  Have you enver wondered how closely studied olympians eating routines are?  How about you take a few minutes and look how premier this group of athletes really are.  There is a reason they are the best athletes in the world, this article helps show why.
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When the Cold attacks your Running

February 3, 2010
Due to our recent snow arrival and unusually chilly weather here is a short article about running in the cold.  Most people try to find excuses not to run in the cold just because they don't like the idea.  However, there are a few quick steps to take that will allow you to continue your program and take the weather by the horns.

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Workouts Catered to YOU!

February 2, 2010
Here is what all of us gym goers are looking for who find some of the standard exercises difficult.  This is a fairly comprehensive list of your basic gym movements and multiple ways to cater them to your needs.  No matter if your strenght is out of this world or if you would rather use a resistance band.  This article gives you the correct way to execute them the correct way.

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Weight...Cats & Dogs...

February 1, 2010
Most of us have cats, dogs, or both; and here is a short study that looks at the coorelation between our weight and their weight.  Surprisingly there is a direct coorelation between one of the animals and us and the other isn't realated.  I would urge you to check it out, you'll find it an easy read and interesting.

Drive safe & be careful of ice
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Fastfood Dieting?

January 29, 2010
I'm sure by now most of us have seen the Taco Bell commercial about dieting by eating fast food.  Also, there is Subway, McDonalds, Quiznos, and many others.  Here is an article that delves a little bit deeper into this growing trend in today's society.  It discusses the actualities of the trend and how it has actually evolved over the years.  You will find it interesting to see how the dieting actually works, and most of all the importance of exercise on the whole trend.
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Exercise & Staying Smart

January 27, 2010
WooHoo!  The article that we have all been looking for.  This is an article that shows a direct correlation between exercise and smarts.  Yes it is true that the more and longer you exercise in life the longer you will keep your brain capacity and intelligence.  There are too many people that believe their brain is going to go way to early in life so here is the remedy.  KEEP EXERCISING!

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Function Follows Fitness

January 25, 2010
Well here it is, the proof in the puding.  This article discusses the basis behind our office and what we are all about.  This article goes into discussing the relationship between fucntionality and fitness and how they coexist too.  I think it is self explanatory but I would definately read it.

On another note we have our beloved super-bowl match up now.  Who do you think will win?  Colts or Saints?  Please leave your comments on who...
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